Stacked with Features

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Increased Transparency = Higher Productivity

BlaqTrax isn’t about being “Big Brother”. It’s a productivity tool that gathers information about what your workers are doing and for how long, allowing you to identify key areas where your workers may require additional training.

It informs workplace best practice while increasing productivity and your bottom line.

Global Improvements

Unproductivity costs businesses an estimated 178 billion dollars annually. BlaqTrax tackles this issue head-on. Our productivity tool can be easily installed on the devices of your workers no matter where they are in the world. You can then monitor their output from wherever you are at any time.

The only productivity tool you’ll ever need

Easy to install, easy to use, packed with great features.


"I have a team of sixty people, so I use BlaqTrax to keep up with them all."

BlaqTrax allows me to see what everyone is doing on the work network. Productivity has never been higher.

I use BlaqTrax to monitor my offshore telephone sales reps'. Remote management is a lot easier with this tool.

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