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Monitor your workforce globally

Did you know unproductivity costs businesses an estimated $178 billion annually? BlaqTrax allows you to monitor the output of your employees on any device anywhere in the world.

It’s a productivity tool that informs workplace best practice and empowers you to make decisions about training and in-house protocols.

Increase Productivity

On average, workers spend 30% – 40% of their time at work completing tasks entirely unrelated to their job. Blaqtrax tackles this issue head-on.

Our productivity tool has a simple interface and the reports generated are easy to understand. The information collected about the levels of unproductivity in your workplace empowers you to make informed decisions about your business.

A pricing model for any business

Whether you have a single virtual assistant or a national team of 5000,

we have a pricing structure that works for you.

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"I have a team of sixty people, so I use BlaqTrax to keep up with them all."

BlaqTrax allows me to see what everyone is doing on the work network. Productivity has never been higher.

I use BlaqTrax to monitor my offshore telephone sales reps'. Remote management is a lot easier with this tool.

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